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4 Month Fit Thyroid Bootcamp

TAF is currently enrolling 7 clients for 1:1 coaching in July! Are you ready to optimize your metabolism and lose fat for good?!

This is for you if you…

  • Feel stuck in the same place for months (or years) without progress

  • Feel like your hypothyroidism has ruined your metabolism

  • Want to tone up without spending hours in the gym

  • Want some food freedom and don’t want to be stuck on AIP forever

  • Want to skyrocket your energy and lose fat in a sustainable way (goodbye crash diets!)

Want to learn more?

👇 We got you! 👇

In my 4 month Fit Thyroid Bootcamp, you’ll receive:

• Flexible Metabolic Meal Method:

-Enjoy foods you love while reaching your goals! This isn’t just another meal plan. We utilize macros and a plating method to help you restore your metabolism while integrating the wonderful aspects of functional nutrition into your plan!

• Fit Thyroid Training System:

Access custom workouts in our app! We customize your training based on your goals, biofeedback, and recent labs.

• Tiered Accountability System

-Weekly check-ins with your coach to assess progress and update your plan as needed. You also have access to your client success manager who you can text throughout the week for quick responses!

• VIP access to the TAF community app with our courses and resources GALORE!

•Access to functional lab testing

- We will include 1 functional lab test upon enrollment (excludes clients living in NY, NJ, and RI)

  • - Need additional labs? We will order them for you at cost, saving you hundreds of dollars.

When I started this program, I was barely getting by. A real shell of myself. Now I am I living and actively participating in my life. I have gotten off 4 almost 5 medications, I am not napping 3-4 hours everyday, and the swelling/ inflammation in my body has decreased significantly. I was simply just surviving before I started this and now you have change my thinking and have given me tools to start thriving.

-Merrilee, TAF Client

I was talking to my husband this week, and we were remembering how bad my fatigue used to be. We were talking about working from home and how I still get up and get ready and want to be productive on those days. Previously I would have worked the whole day from my bed or spent the whole day sleeping, but now I know I can work at home and still be productive because I have the energy to stay out of bed. It is a night and day difference from before.

- Cassidy, TAF Client

Truly, life changing program. I haven’t been bloated and feel so much lighter! I know I have only lost 6 pounds, but I can really feel my body adjusting to eating more food. This is the most sustainable program I have ever tried. I did WW for years and was NEVER satisfied at the end of the day because I was STARVING MY THYROID OF CARBS! I was programmed to stay clear of carbs and starch, which was exactly what I needed.

- Ashley, TAF Client